I suppose everyone has a different interpretation of success. For some, success is being able to feed their families everyday. For others, success is equated with the amount of money they earn. I’ve also heard people say success is when your signature turns into an autograph. So literally, you are deemed to be successful if people would wait in a queue for you to put ink to paper! Hmm. Anyway whatever your definition, success is a relative term and therefore cannot mean the same to everybody. However, despite the different definitions of success, I’ve never met anyone who wants to fail. That’s just human nature right?

Everyone wants to be successful in some way, yet so many people fail to live a happy, carefree and easy life. To find love, make money and earn respect in society.


Lets think about it like this.

knee high boots

Allow me to digress slightly. According to a recent poll I read, the most common resolution people make every year is to “exercise more” and to live a healthier lifestyle. Yet come mid year, takeaways (and those other littleย indulgences such as glasses of wine) are a norm, once vigorous exercise routines seem daunting and as far as self-discipline goes that’s out the window! Why is it then that with such good intentions, achieving success seems so elusive? Give it a few more months and guess what, goals of achieving that ‘beach bod’ have been trumped…

Maybe the question we needed to ask ourselves in the beginning is this, what are we willing to sacrifice in-order to achieve what we deem as success? So in other words, if success is a fit body, are we willing to endure the pain and physical stress that comes from exercising regularly? How long are we willing to carefully calculate and calibrate our food into tiny little meal-sized portions?

If success is an ‘amazing’ job and financial freedom, the question we need to ask is, are we willing to suffer through 60-hour work weeks and endless hours in traffic to bank a salary every month? How about dealing with monotonous paperwork? Also, are we ready to navigate mundane corporate hierarchies, stroke a bunch of egos and share finite cubicle space with others on a daily basis? Say you want a loving and an open, caring relationship. Would you be wiling to go through the tough conversations, the awkward silences, the hurt feelings, the heart-break and the emotional drama to get there?

knee high boots

Since the beginning of time, society has placed more value on smarter, faster, more financially secure individuals creating an ideology and notion of success as the acquisition of material possessions. Fail to achieve this and human nature riddles us green with envy. But despite the different opinions and notions of success that exist, the one constant should be the need to recognize that in-order to achieve any form of success, it takes risk, uncertainty and repeated failures. Sometimes a little luck and good karma can help along the way!

I suppose what I’m saying is that merely ‘wanting’ to achieve success isn’t always enough. Sure, everyone wants the beach body. Sure everyone wants to achieve financial independence. But not everybody wants the sweat, the soreness, and the hunger pangs. The late nights,ย the risky business moves, and the possibility of having to outwit people (or ten thousand) on a daily basis!

Hence begs the question, when you think of being successful in anything you set-out to achieve, are you thinking of the end goals and the rewards? Have you given thought to the sacrifices and struggles you need to overcome to get there? Because if there’s one thing I’ve learnt about success, it’s that overnight success takes years of struggle and sacrifice. So make sure to choose your battles wisely my friends!

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